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Sipnayan Math Center and After-school Program LLC is a for-profit business established in July 2017 providing educational services, specifically in mathematics, to students and teachers of Wilson, NC and neighboring counties. The center aims to provide opportunities for students to have learning experiences beyond the regular classroom settings.

Sipnayan Math Center provides hands-on learning experiences to students, connecting the concrete to abstract mathematics using effective modeling and representations. This helps the students understand the lesson conceptually and not simply mastering the mathematical skills, thus, equipping them to be more analytical. Teachers at the center facilitates instruction in student-centered classrooms characterized by student collaboration using technology, i.e. Google for Education. Each major concept from the current NC Standard Course of Study is introduced using real-life word problems where students can relate to and use prior knowledge and skills to solve the problem. With this, students take pride of their work and demonstrate ownership of their own learning. Students of the center bring this confidence in math back to their regular classroom which makes them more receptive to learning mathematics. Based on teachers’ feedback, student behavior and mathematical perception changed since the students started at the center. The students come ready to learn and do not hesitate to solve challenging math problems.

Sipnayan Center aims to provide a free afterschool and summer programs through the 21st CCLC grant for youth from grades 6 to 8. The programs will include academic enrichment activities to improve academic performance significantly, extracurricular activities to hone students’ talents and skills that will prepare them for global market competition, and focused family engagement that will strengthen family ties to build stronger home support for the students.

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July 12, 2023


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July 12, 2023


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July 12, 2023

The academic enrichment component will focus on developing high proficiency students in mathematics and reading using different methods with the aid of technology. Strategies will include collaborative learning, hands-on experience, concrete-representation-abstract (CRA), real-life connection and small group instruction. This will also include project-based STEM activities in which students will demonstrate their skills in using the scientific method while developing STEM-based projects. The use of technology will include Study Island for consistent academic practice, Google for Educations apps for real-time collaboration, SchoolNet as test bank for EOG practices and the Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Reader program to develop students’ reading comprehension by reading materials that they like.


The extracurricular component focuses on activities that will support holistic development of the student to equip them in a globally competitive market. This will include performing arts classes to hone individual talents; organized sports activities for physical development, competitiveness and sportsmanship; financial literacy to go beyond classroom mathematics, i.e. participating in the stock market game; and college and career readiness for future job marketability and/or entrepreneurship.

The focused family engagement component includes frequent real-time communication with parents regarding the students’ progress and offering opportunities to develop further develop themselves. The center will offer ESL, GED, financial literacy and parenting classes to parents of participating students.


The center will operate at two sites, five days a week from 3:30pm to 6:30pm for 37 weeks during the school year and from 9am to 4pm for 5 weeks during the summer. The math and reading will focus on improving proficiency based on the NC Standard Course of Study. The extracurricular activities will be project-based which will conclude with culminating activities. The program will be rich with engaging activities for students that will promote healthy competition like the spelling bee, the math quiz bee, recitals, intramurals and STEM fair.


Through the 21st CCLC grant, Sipnayan Center will offer

  1. academic enrichment programs, mentoring programs, remedial education activities, and tutoring services that are aligned with the NC Standard Course of Study;

  2. literacy education programs including financial literacy (NCCEE) and environmental literacy (4H)

  3. programs that support a healthy and active lifestyle through organized sports

  4. tutoring services

  5. services for individuals with disabilities by following the IEPs

  6. ESL classes for students with limited English proficiency

  7. cultural integration through reading materials

  8. technology education programs through the use of Google for Education

  9. parenting skills program

  10. project-based STEM classes

  11. college and career readiness classes

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