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Spring ECA Showcase



The purpose of the Spring ECA Showcase is to display the extracurricular activities in the Sipnayan Afterschool Program during the year. 

There were 6 ECA that was showcased in this event - Music, Band, STEM, Computer, Cooking, Physical Education. 

Music/Band prepared a special performance with original music. He message of the performance is to “Drop the Label and Give Love”, a very current issue for middle school students.


Physical Education engaged parents to physical activities and some vital measurements to determine fitness. These include measuring height and weight, BMI, flexibility and cardio task.


STEM showcased projects that was created the whole year including - bridge and egg drop challenge. The students also talked about the Stock Market Game. In addition, students showcased solar-powered and battery-operated DIY projects. Lastly, the parents participated in the “Build the Highest Tower Challenge” using index cards.


Cooking showcased different food preparations and recipes to the parents. The students presented the dish, the important ingredients and some that may be a cause for allergic reactions. Students also demonstrated the use of the bicycle blender, sponsored by 4H Cooperative Extension, with different smoothie recipes.


Computer class highlighted Google for Education. Students in this group discussed the Google Apps that they utilized in class such as Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. During the event, the students focused on creating Google Forms by discussing the the use and the steps on how to do it. The parents engaged in a task to create a simple Google Form with the assistance of the students. Most of the students in this group were Hispanic students who demonstrated confidence in assisting parents during the process.

Copy of STEM Family Night Flyer Template
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