2020 Fall Culminating Activity

2018 Fall Culminating Activity

As an after school program composed of culturally diverse students and staff, the Fall Program focused on enlightening the community about different cultures that each member can learn from. Students' interests sparked as they research about the Philippines, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada, Colombia and India. Students learned about the countries' geography, demographics, education system and culture. 
Students were divided into 6 groups. Each group was tasked to research about their country and create a presentation while demonstrating collaboration using technology through Google Slides. In addition, students enhanced their talents in performing arts and their skills in group dynamics as they prepare performances specific to their country. Students performed a Filipino dance, sang a Spanish song and a lot more...

Students' creativity flourished!


Parents and other guests had fun!


Students and guests learned so much about the culture in other countries.


Students presented their research about "their" country.


Philippines and Mexico


India and Colombia


Canada and Jamaica


Students perform for the first time in front of a big crowd!

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